cosmetics at the Paznaun Valley wellness hotel
  • cosmetics at the Paznaun Valley wellness hotel
Personalised Spa Breaks

Treatments & massages at the Hotel Mallaun

The spa at the Hotel Mallaun is dedicated to restoring inner balance through a host of soothing massages, relaxing body experiences and effective beauty treatments, personalised for each of our guests. Our qualified therapists only use the finest natural products, creating bespoke spa experiences with long-lasting effects. Dive into a world of serenity and peace and let us pamper you with precious products from the Chrystal line and exceptional massages amid the mountains of the beautiful Paznaun Valley.

Classic Massage
Mountain massage

The perfect way to unwind during your holiday, this targeted massage gives your body the attention it deserves and provides relief and relaxation from head to toe.

80 min.
€ 109,-
Classic Massage
Full-body massage

Our Swedish full-body massage can be tailored to meet your personal requirements and wishes, providing deep relaxation when you need it the most.

50 min.
€ 76,-
Classic Massage
Sports massage

Find instant relief for aching joints and sore muscles after intense sporting activity or an active day out exploring. Our highly effective arnica massage lotion combines perfectly with targeted pressure applied to your areas of concern for a completely regenerative experience.

50 min.
€ 82,-
Classic Massage
Anti-stress massage

Constant tension from stress can cause our muscles to tense up – especially in the neck and shoulder areas. Ease muscular pain and fully relax with our specifically designed treatment to combat signs of stress and fatigue. The gentle application of heat increases your body’s circulation, promotes a deep sense of relaxation and calms your nerves. Experience the relief as a burden is lifted from your shoulders.

40 min.
€ 63,-
Classic Massage
Partial body massage

This results-driven massage provides ideal relaxation and releases tension where required. Simply advise your therapist of your body’s needs and enjoy a targeted massage of your back, shoulders and neck, arms, legs or feet.

25 min.
€ 49,-
Classic Massage
Foot massage

Enjoy a soothing foot massage and benefit from its deeply relaxing effects. This treatment makes for a highlight after an active day out exploring or travelling.

40 min.
€ 63,-
Classic Massage
Face and scalp massage

Leave your daily cares behind and re-energise with our face and scalp massage, designed to restore inner balance and outer radiance.

40 min.
€ 63,-
Classic Massage
Essential oils massage

Each of our classic massages can be fully personalised according to your body’s needs, replacing our basic almond oil with the massage oil or massage milk of your choice. We provide a fine selection of precious essential oils from the Chrystal product range, including arnica, amber, propolis, rosehip with with rosemary and marigold, Swiss pine... Chrystal essential oils contain 100 % natural ingredients, combining to deliver the best possible results for your health and overall well-being. Please advise your therapist of your choice.

A € 8 surcharge applies for our specialised massage oils.

Wellness Treatment
Body experience

Choice of Swiss pine-honey-salt or Arnica-rosemary-salt body experience.

Regain inner peace with the combination of body scrub and massage. The full-body experience activates your metabolism and blood flow, whilst at the same time targeting adhesions in the connective tissue. Honey supplies your skin with essential vitamins and minerals.

40 min.
€ 66,-
Wellness Treatment
Hot stone massage

This traditionally Asian massage combines ancient wisdom with the skilled application of hot Alpine river stones. The heat melts away muscular tension and boosts your body’s energy flow, leaving you feeling fully refreshed.

50 min.
€ 86,-
Body Treatment
Body wraps

Body wraps provide an ideal opportunity to naturally boost your body’s circulation. Depending on their respective active ingredients, our tailored body wraps can help stimulate your blood flow, relieve muscle spasms and cramps, reduce cellulite, promote metabolism or calm your nerves.

Alpine herb and moor

Our alpine herb and moor body wrap is the perfect way to unwind and enhance overall well-being. It boosts your immune system, improves blood circulation and increases metabolism.

Book your body wrap of choice for € 25 to complement any of our massage treatments.

Wellness & treatments

A booked massage/treatment can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the agreed appointment. If cancelled within the 24 hours before massage/treatement we will charge 100 %.

loungers in the Paznaun Valley wellness hotel
Chrystal beauty products

100% natural

Mountains and untouched nature provide the ideal setting for a spa break. Let yourself be pampered from head to toe in the healing atmosphere of our alpine surroundings. In our spa we only use products from the all-natural Chrystal beauty line. Precious alpine herbs are foraged from mountain pastures and gently processed using traditional methods, allowing them to preserve their natural healing powers.

The Chrystal product line stands for:

  • Combining ancient wisdom with modern expertise
  • Supporting local farming and treating our natural environment with care 
  • Creating unique results based on natural agents
  • Producing authentic natural products from local sources
  • Using regional superfoods such as arnica, amber, pine or propolis 

“We have made a conscious decision to use natural products from the Tyrol region in our spa, protecting our environment and preserving ancient wisdom of the healing powers of plants.” – The Mallaun spa team

Treat yourself

Regain inner balance during your spa break at the Hotel Mallaun. Our spa team will be pleased to advise you on our offers and invite you on a personalised spa journey.